Circles for life.

Circulon® is innovative, revolutionary cookware and kitchenware developed and designed to streamline the cooking process from start to finish, prep to clean up.

We began forging this innovative path more than three decades ago at the conjunction of kitchenware design, modern technology, and the ongoing cooking revolution. To improve, ease and enhance their ever-expanding cooking experiences, home cooks sought products such as ultra-durable hard-anodized aluminum pots and pans that provided professional-quality kitchen performance. With this in mind, Circulon took cookware’s flat, ordinary cooking surface and turned it into a series of raised concentric circles, then triple-coated this unique pan interior with premium-quality nonstick.

The result was the TOTAL® Nonstick System: the core of our brand and one of the most efficient and long-lasting nonstick cooking surfaces in the world. By combining this superior nonstick technology with the durability of hard-anodized cookware construction, we proudly launched our first Circulon collection of high-quality nonstick cookware for the home cook.

The evolution of day-to-day cooking, eating and living didn’t stop, and neither did Circulon. We designed and developed products for specialized tasks like steam cooking, grilling and stir-frying. To provide even more options in stylish kitchenware design and construction, we joined our super-efficient TOTAL Nonstick System to premium-quality stainless steel cookware. In 2000, Circulon was the first to add color exteriors to hard-anodized cookware, further expanding our record of innovative cooking solutions.

Circulon innovation kept moving—forward and onward. For the ultimate in cooking and cleaning convenience, we created the first dishwasher-safe and all-range capable hard-anodized cookware. For home cooks seeking results-oriented baking and roasting, we developed Circulon bakeware that also featured our unique raised nonstick circles, ensuring beautiful food release with every bite and easy cleanup with every use. We designed time-saving tools and gadgets to simplify cooking tasks and other processes to boost cooking enjoyment.

Three decades later, this commitment to innovative, solution-driven kitchenware remains central to us. It’s the essence and core of everything we do to make your time in the kitchen easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable – every step of the way, every moment of your day.

Everyday life has enough curves and corners, angles and edges. Trust Circulon to keep designing and delivering cookware and kitchenware solutions to restore the balance.

Circles to cook in. Circles to count on. Circulon: for the well-rounded life.

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For a lifetime of good cooking

Our name is synonymous throughout the world with quality and design.

We‘re proud to be at the forefront of creating innovative ideas and producing sleek, stylish finishes for today’s kitchens and today’s families. Families who are looking for day-in, day-out durability and long-lasting quality.

Families who appreciate design and function coming together to give outstanding performance while looking the part. Whether they’re knocking up a 10-minute tasty weekday tea or lovingly preparing an indulgent weekend family treat, our ranges will be up the job every time.

We’ve built in a few surprises which make cooking more convenient too. For example, our Select Stainless Steel saucepans have an ingenious integrated colander lid to take the strain out of straining the vegetables. While our new cookware sets are induction suitable, and their stylish soft grip handles take the worry out of cooking.

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